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Participatory approach

The approach developed by the ONQS is based on the participatory evaluation methods introduced by the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation (Quebec) and the Conseil national d’évaluation du système scolaire (France). The method revolves around five main stages which are explained below.

Explore > Enrich > > Exchange > > > Develop > > > > Evaluate

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  1. Explore

    Take stock of the state of research on a topic related to the school system.
  2. Enrich

    Consult actors in the field and partners to deepen the thematic analysis.
  3. Exchange

    Foster dialogue and rapprochement between actors in the field, partners, and scientific experts.
  4. Develop

    Highlight the conclusions of the exchange and disseminate them in the form of recommendations.
  5. Evaluate

    Follow-up on the actions adopted in response to the ONQS’s recommendations.