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Well-being in schools

Project name: Well-being in schools

Acronym: BEES

Target group: Basic and secondary education

Responsible person(s) at the ONQS: Somia SALAH

Partner: University of Li├Ęge

Period: 2021 – 2024

Description: Carrying out 3 separate studies, one per year, on subjective well-being.

  1. The first study, planned for the year 2021, will measure the well-being of teachers and pupils in primary and secondary schools in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to estimate its impact on the well-being of these two social groups.
  2. The second study proposes to focus on school climate, a concept that refers in particular to feelings of security and justice in the school, the quality of interpersonal relations, mutual support, collaboration and participation of students and teachers in their environment. In particular, it will investigate the relationship between teachers and students, which is essential in terms of its impact on well-being and its direct link with school dropout.
  3. The third study will focus on more individual and psychosocial variables that may be related to the well-being of teachers and students. Examples include teachers’ and students’ self-esteem, perception of the teaching profession and the student profession, perceived control over one’s profession, and achievement goals.

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