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First Workshop about Non-formal education and care structures for children from 0 to 12 – Challenges for Luxembourg


The observatories for school quality on the one hand and childhood and youth on the other have been brought together for a good year now in order to promote a holistic view of children and young people. On July 5, 2023, the OEJQS organized a national workshop on the challenges of non-formal education and care structures in Luxembourg for the first time. The aim of the workshop was to identify current and future challenges that the field of non-formal education is facing.

Participants from the various fields of science, politics and practice of non-formal and formal education were invited. In small groups, they had the opportunity to contribute their technical expertise and their own practical experience to the discussion and to present their point of view. Due to the different disciplinary and institutional backgrounds of the participants, the topics were presented from different perspectives and with different priorities and discussed in the sense of networked thinking.

The starting point for the discussions was a previously prepared working paper, which names five thematic areas of challenges. The discussions took place along these five areas in small thematic groups:

  1. Heterogeneity
  2. Reconciliation of social and educational policy objectives
  3. Coordination and governance
  4. Professionalisation and qualification of staff
  5. Data and monitoring

The results of the workshop were documented and then summarized in a synthesis. The results of the workshop provide an important basis for the publication, which will be completed by the end of 2023. In addition to a differentiated overview of the challenges, the final document will also outline recommendations. It goes beyond just taking stock and also makes a contribution to solving the challenges described.

Couverture Working Paper

Download the working paper here.